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Tropical Leaves

E-CARDS - with a 'Patch of Wild'

Did you know? Greetings cards, for Christmas and birthdays alone are responsible for the destruction of over 2.5 million trees each year, that's around 1,500 hectares of woodland and wild very year!


You can make a difference by sending an e-card to your loved ones instead. By sending an e-card with the Whole Wild World, you will be making a real difference! Not only that, our e-cards come with their very own 'Patch of Wild'...


Check out our selection of festive e-cards for this season.


The iconic Iberian lynx is a key species in our Algarve site. This species has been brought back from the brink by various successful reintroduction projects in Southern Spain and Portugal. The release site is just a few kms away. Your donation will help us to preserve the habitat crucial to the survival of this critically endangered species and its main prey species, the endangered European rabbit.

Wild flowers and weeds are essential elements in any habitat, pollinated by bees, fodder for grazing animals, roots that help to bind the soil and their cyclical nature ensures valuable nutrients are returned to the soil when they die off.. not only that, they are stunningly beautiful!


It's a bugs life!

Did you know, it is estimated that we are losing over .. species of bug, every year! This is potentially devastating for a wide variety of ecosystems, even life itself!

To help recover this loss, we need to create and restore healthy and safe habitats for a wide variety of insects. Even something as simple as allowing your lawn to grow or sowing wild meadow flower seeds can help!

The Sorraia horse is native to Southern Portugal. With an estimated 200 individuals left, this breed is critically endangered. Wild horses play an important part in the rewilding process, acting as natures very own fire prevention, they clear the dry vegetation that causes many wild fires. They also help to open up the native habitat to make way for other species to thrive, such as the endangered European rabbit.


Making an eCard order is simple - just fill in the form below. Then Press ORDER NOW to complete the order. You then need to pay by clicking the PAY NOW button to make your payment. Each eCard is £2 - this will safeguard 1m2 of WILD. You can increase your impact and safeguard more WILD for your loved ones by adding £1.50 for each 1m2. This will be indicated on the card as '..m2 Patch of Wild'

Order your eCard now!

Making the world whole and wild again..


Select your eCard:

Receiving this eCard will safeguard a Patch of Wild - £2 will safeguard 1m2 of WILD

Each extra £2 saves another!


Thank you for your order. Now please pay using the BUY NOW button!

Pay here first, selecting the amount to pay (each eCard is £2, to safeguard a larger 'Patch of Wild, increase payment by £1.50 per m2), then click 'Order Now' to complete your purchase.

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