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'Making the World Whole & Wild'




Credit: Oelke

Our first partner site is in Southern Portugal. This site is already home to a plethora of Iberian species.

Mediterranean landscapes, characterised by a long history of humanisation, have seen clear trends toward depopulation, the subsequent abandonment of many farming activities. This rural depopulation provides an ideal opportunity to apply the concept of rewilding.


This site offers a unique opportunity to be part of an ecosystem restoration project, working to protect vulnerable and important native species such as the Iberian lynx, Eurasian black vulture, Griffon Vulture and Egyptian vulture, European rabbit, an ancient breed of wild horse; the Sorraia, European otter, and countless more native species of flora and fauna.


A popular holiday destination for Gibraltar’s residents, the south of Portugal has far more to offer than just fabulous beaches and sumptuous cuisine. The potential for nature-based tourism will help to revive the whole area, whilst sequestering carbon, protecting vital waterways and saving threatened and endangered species.


With your support, this area and surrounding areas can be restored to native Mediterranean landscape, teeming with life from tiny no see ‘ums to critically endangered apex predators.

Wild, native species and breeds; sorriaia horses (an almost extinct breed of wild horse, native to the region), wild boar, roe and red deer, visiting Iberian lynx, Bonelli's eagle, short-toed snake eagle, black and griffon vulture.

The longterm plan will be to link up with other entities and projects in the area, protecting habitats and waterways. The Vale do Guadiana Natural Reserve lies to the east, a special Steppe grassland conservation area for the Great bustard lies to the west. A perfect stop-off for nature lovers to experience the beauty of restored, native flora and fauna.


Long term, we plan to extend this area, via ecological corridors, up to and beyond the size of Gibraltar (630 hectares). Many of the species on the site are similar to those found in Gibraltar. This gives an opportunity to revive Iberian species and habitats.

Portugal has seen a reduction in wild habitats and species over the  past half century, over-hunting and certain sanitary laws have seen a decline in species that are still abundant in Spain. Over the past decade, this has been turned around by effective species conservation projects, but there is still a need to revive, restore and protect wild habitats.

The south of Portugal has long been a popular holiday destination for Gibraltar's residents, especially in the summer months. A site like this can provide year-round nature-based tourism opportunities for visitors to the region.

Click here for more information and for bookings: TAKE ME TO THE WILD

Forest Trail


Mini forests are vital in providing clean air, reducing pollution and promoting biodiversity in urban areas. At the Whole Wild World, we believe that everyone deserves access to green spaces, even in the heart of the city.


We will to work with the community and local partners to create mini forests that are not only beautiful but serve a vital purpose in our cities. By planting a variety of native species, we are able to create an ecosystem that provides benefits for both people and the environment. Mini forests are carefully designed to be low-maintenance and self sustaining.Created by the community, they can be enjoyed for years to come.


Click HERE to discover how you can help us create more mini forests and make a positive impact on our environment.






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