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Join the Whole Wild World 


Join us this year for a bigger and wilder 'Walk for the Wild' 


The week of Walking Wild begins from the 1st April.


Our Disconnect-Reconnect event on the 7th April coincides with World Health Day. Connecting with nature and walking in forests and nature is proven to be good for our wellbeing. For this event we are joining forces with GibSams and OTWO to promote the benefits of nature for our wellbeing. Find out more about this event HERE.


Reasons why Walk for the Wild is so important: 


🦶By walking to school, each child/family is actively reducing their carbon footprint


🦶Reducing cars on the roads makes us all healthier by reducing pollution in the air we breathe.

🦶Fewer cars means less traffic and less stress - walking to work or to school makes us each healthier - our bodies were made for walking! 

🦶Walking in nature is proven by science to be beneficial for our mental wellbeing.

🦶Raising funds that go directly into rewilding initiatives. Rewilding is not only the restoration of habitats, but also saving endangered species and whole ecosystems that work to suck carbon out of our atmosphere, reducing the impacts of climate change and helping to rewild people too! 


Long term, we are working towards making Gibraltar a Walking Nation, reducing congestion on our roads, reducing pollution and a healthier population too!


OTWO and the Whole Wild World  working together to make this all easier for you: Helping you to calculate the carbon you have saved at the end of the week, helping to get the word out on social media about your activities and looking at ways we can expand on this in the future.


Once your school  or business has signed up (whole school or individual classes) we will send through your Walk for the Wild pack with sponsor forms and social media tags etc. 


We invite you to join us, once again to Walk for the Wild.. helping to make the world whole and wild again. 

Set up a Walk for the Wild League at your workplace or school and fundraise For the Wild by walking to work every day.

Hall of Fame - Get your company involved and ask them to match the funds raised by their staff.


Compete with individuals, other teams or take on one of your competitors!


Not just walking - any activity counts; running, swimming, football games, rugby, yoga or Pilates. All you need is virtual proof of movement! We’ll help you to set up your online platform and league table. Any funds raised go directly towards land restoration to revive the wild!


Walk for the Wild makes it fun to change your habits for your own health and for wildlife. 


We introduce incentives through both team work and competitions and virtually anything goes! Mopping the floor, peeling spuds, painting the ceiling etc can all be translated into steps by using our provided guide. This means that even on those busy days where you cannot find time to exercise you can contribute to your team’s overall step count.


In the process you may find great joy in walking to errands rather than being at the wrong end of rush traffic or sudden traffic jams only to arrive in the nick of time to no available parking. 


Besides the savings on your carbon footprint an early walk every day is linked with both physical and mental health benefits! Make the most of Gibraltar’s convenient distances by walking and make the most of your walks by turning them into a team effort for land restoration and carbon sequestration


Save wildlife and native habitats and help to protect biodiversity and feel better for it!

Join the Whole Wild World, Walk for the Wild today


Click here to join


Walk for the WILD!

Schools, Companies, individuals, ages 1-99+

Walking is good for your heart
Nature is good for your soul 


Sunset Stroll



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